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Bluetooth Helmet Headset for Motorcycles

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€ 90,50

Bluetooth Helmet Headset for Motorcycles

This Bluetooth Helmet Headset allows you to safely communicate with your friends and family, talk with other riding buddies, or even receive GPS directions- all while riding on your motorcycle.

It features two high quality Velcro-on speakers for crystal clear communication, a DSP noise suppression microphone with echo cancellation, a 2.5mm jack for connecting your GPS or MP3 player, built-in FM radio, and conveniently located buttons that are easy to press even with your riding gloves on. Installation with any helmet is extremely simple too. It requires about 2 minutes total and with NO drilling necessary! Simply loosen the two screws and attach the clamp-on bracket to the bottom of your helmet. Then tighten down the two screws and your ready to go.

The headset is built extremely durable as well. It uses hard molded ABS plastic and weatherproof rubber, able of withstanding harsh weather conditions as well as light rain exposure. When you are finished riding the Bluetooth headset can easily be removed by sliding the outside piece up and off. This Bluetooth helmet adapter also comes with a built in intercom function. This allows you to communicate with passenger or another ridding buddy (up to 100 meters) who is also using the same headset. This is excellent for team riding where the leader can inform the follower of an upcoming obstacle, or lost riders can find each other. But you can also communicate with your passenger. If you’re looking for a safe way to maintain communication while on your motorcycle then this is the perfect device for you. The best part is that this Bluetooth Helmet Headset is more than 50% cheaper than the retail version!

At a Glance...

* Pairs with cellphone, GPS, and more!
* Can setup to automatically answer phone calls
* Noise suppression mic with echo cancellation
* Quick and easy installation with no drilling
* 2.5mm jack for connecting your GPS, MP3 etc
* Intercom function with other rider (100 meters)
* Comes with built-in FM radio receiver
* Durable construction and weatherproof

Manufacturer Specifications

* Main Function: Bluetooth Adapter For Helmets
* Bluetooth Version: 2.0
* Working Speed: Up to 120 Km
* Bluetooth Profile: A2DP & EDR
* FM Frequency: 86 - 108MHz
* Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 5m
* Intercom Transmission Distance: 100m
* Battery Recharging: 110-220v wall charger
* Power Supply: Built-in battery
* Battery Life: Up to 7 Hours talking / 60 hours standby
* Buttons/Ports/Features:
- Charging Port
- 2 Velcro-on speakers
- Adjustable microphone
- 2.5mm audio jack IN
- Power ON/OFF/Intercom call button
- Radio ON/OFF/Answer/End/Last Number Redial button
* Working temperature: -5 to 45 Celsius
* Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC, CCC
* Dimensions:
- Bluetooth Piece: 63.5mm x 89mm x 38mm
- Left Speaker Cable Length: 203mm
- Right Speaker Cable Length: 394mm
- Mic Length: 216mm

Product Notes

* Bluetooth Passcode is "0000"
* Mounts on left side of helmet only
* Read entire user manual before using
* Can stream audio to speakers via 2.5mm jack
* If you are listening to music being played through the 2.5mm jack when a call is received, the music will stop playing automatically to allow you to accept the incoming call. The adapter is designed with your convenience and safety in mind.

Package Contents

* Helmet Bluetooth Adapter + Mic and 2 Velcro Speakers
* Glue-on Bracket
* Mounting Hardware
* 3.5mm jack to 2.5 mm jack cable
* Wall Charger (110-240v)
* User Manual - English